The FLGL’s mission is to fight poverty and social exclusion in Haiti. Promoting the well-being of thousands of people across the country, she works directly with communities and their leaders to prepare the ground for social, agricultural and economic transformations. The Lamothe believed in empowering the Haitian people through health care, education, and sport.


The life and work of Dr Louis G. Lamothe bore witness to the fundamental values on which all societies must be built in order to flourish. Through his work, this Haitian intellectual wished to restore Haiti to its legitimate position as a full member of the Latin American community and remind the international community of Haiti’s contribution to the freedom, independence and sovereignty of Latin American populations.

The young Republic being isolated, ostracized and taken hostage  by the colonial powers, the Haitian people did not hesitate to devote themselves to the defense of the noble ideals which encouraged them to free themselves from the colonial yoke. This feat could only be accomplished through a combination of intelligence, passion, knowledge, altruism and the solidarity of citizens.

The tenacity of the Haitian people is reflected in the ongoing struggle for true freedom, inclusion and prosperity for all. Graduated in Spanish Letters in Chile in November 1952, he obtained a Doctorate in Letters in Madrid in 1956. Experienced teacher, he taught modern languages at INAGHEI (National Institute of Administration, Management and International Studies) from 1975 to 1983 and at the Faculty of Ethnology from 1980 to 1995


Born August 11, 1926, Dr. Louis G. Lamothe left his mark in many fields, namely sport, higher education, teaching of the Spanish language and the dissemination of works created by the great Latin American poets from 1850 to 1950.

He founded the Lope de Vega Institute in 1962 and remained at its head until 1998. He thus strove to share his passion for Hispanic culture and to promote the Spanish language in Haiti.

The Lope de Vega Institute has allowed many Haitian executives to discover Latin American and Spanish cultures through cultural exchanges, among others. At the same time, Mr. Louis G. Lamothe made a significant contribution to the promotion of Haitian culture in Bolivia and Suriname, and was a member of the consular corps of Suriname until his death in 1999.

During his career, he has received several prestigious distinctions, among which: Cabarello de la Orden by Isabel la Católica (Madrid, July 1975). Honor and merit of the Orden Mexicana del derecho y de la cultura (Mexico, May 1964).


From 1956 to 1966, Dr Louis G. Lamothe published more than 8 books aimed at facilitating the learning of the Spanish language and allowing future generations to discover Spanish and Latin American cultures and literatures.


The Louis and Gizou Lamothe Foundation (FLGL) invites you to discover Gizou Lamothe through the testimonies of her family and loved ones.


Ghislaine Fortuney Lamothe, daughter of Paul Fortuney and Georgette Vieux, was born on April 14, 1935, just after the American occupation of Haiti. Her youth was spent in the calm suburb of Turgeau, with her big brother Jean-Claude Fortuney and her little brother and godson Philippe Fortuney. She met and married Dr. Louis G. Lamothe from whom she had two sons, Ruben Lamothe in 1963 and Laurent Salvador Lamothe, 9 years later, in 1972.

She had time to see the birth and growth of her three grand-daughters, fulfilling the role of grandmother prodigiously, showering them with love and advice, but also correcting them when necessary. The nickname « Gizou », the one under which she built her fame, is attributed to her from an early age. She has forged her entire identity around this nickname. Everyone called her Gizou, even her children.


Very early on, Gizou’s artistic talents stood out. This led her to follow Madame Pailleire’s drawing and painting classes. Fully immersed in her passion for art and her discovery of ceramics, Gizou undertook the construction of her refuge and her workshop in Thomassin, with the plans drawn up by her brother Philippe.

Creating her own little universe, it is from there that she discovered the virtues of her magic fingers giving birth to magnificent paintings, sculptures, pottery and ceramics. Around the 90s she left for the city of Prague in Czechoslovakia for an artistic internship and witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall. During her stay in Spain, she won the prestigious Award of Artistic Originality in Barcelona.

Through her works, Gizou allowed the world to penetrate Haitian culture and relive the traditions of yesteryear, especially those dating back to the Tainos, as well as their reflections on the realities surrounding the Haitian people.


The sense of social duty developed in Gizou over the years not only because of seeing her compatriots fighting daily misery in a very severe social, economic and political climate, but also to observe the same conditions in some countries, during of her many trips.

This feeling of helplessness, is often felt through her works. In 2015, back in Haiti, then 80 years old, Gizou worked, for more than three months, to mount her last major exhibition (the 27th) of 75 pieces, in Pétion-Ville, at the Hotel Oasis, called “For the benefit of Jalousie”. All the proceeds from the Exhibition were passed on to the renovation program of Jalousie, this populous, humble and modest neighborhood located on the hills of Pétion-ville.

This program aimed to paint the houses and improve the environment and living conditions of the inhabitants of this suburb. This great work of charity illustrating Gizou’s generosity is the culmination of her career as an Artist.


Such as to draw strength from her suffering, Gizou had a character which helped her courageously overcome the various trials of life. She was both strong and compassionate, devoted to her family, her art and her country.

On August 15, 2020, following a long struggle with her heart complications, Ghislaine Fortuney Lamothe, dit Gizou, made her journey into the afterlife, still continuing to inspire more than one with her life and works.

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