Since its establishment in January 2016, the Dr. Louis G. Lamothe Foundation has actively been on the ground, building relationships with communities to empower the men, women and children who need it most.



The Dr. Louis G. Lamothe Foundation (FLGL), has a mission to fight against poverty and social exclusion in Haiti.  Promoting the welfare of thousands across the country, FLGL works directly with the communities and their leaders, in order to pave the way forward for social, agricultural and economic transformations. Dr. Lamothe believed in the empowerment of Haitian people through healthcare, education and sports. In keeping with the spirit of his legacy, FLGL can and will continue make a positive and durable impact in the lives of many more people with your support. 



FLGL was founded in January of 2016 by the former Prime Minister, Laurent  Salvador Lamothe and his brother, Ruben Lamothe, as a tribute to their late father. Dr. Lamothe’s work and influence has permeated the essence of many prominent people of Haiti that now live and work across the globe. This foundation pales in comparison to his vision of what Haiti should be, so it was and is in the effort of reaching the transformation that this foundation was born.


The Dr. Louis G. Lamothe Foundation puts knowledge at the service of social transformation in Haiti.


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Once upon a time, the Dr. Louis G. Lamothe

“The Foundation is an initiative aiming to continue Dr. Louis G. Lamothe’s work in the domains of social responsibility and of the fight for the emergence of an inclusive and united Haitian society.”