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The Foundation aims to

Place men and women firmly at the centre of human activities as conscious actors within the realities of their environment.


Create favourable conditions for the development of social entrepreneurship through a social
and solidarity economy.

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The Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the fight against poverty and social exclusion by establishing

a permanent forum for critical knowledge with a view to reinforcing social dialogue and societal transformation.

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Recognising that knowledge is the best weapon in the fight for social transformation the LGLF’s objectives are to

Encourage the promotion of public consultation within community networks established to promote real social transformation especially in precarious environments
Promote the organisation of collective action within community networks through activities of social entrepreneurship
Contribute to empowerment and capacity-building by providing scholarships in agriculture, the protection of the environment and Spanish language instruction so as to facilitate exchanges with groups of intercontinental university researchers for the regular monitoring of poverty in the regions of intervention