Construction of a 2.66km farm track in Panyol


The Dr Louis G. Lamothe Foundation has built, with the financial support of the Digicel Foundation, a 2.66 km farm track starting from the Furcy road in Panyol, a village located in Kenscoff's 3rd communal section, Sourçailles. This infrastructure, which constituted one of the main needs expressed by the inhabitants of Panyol in the context of a social dialog, allowed this small locality to open up to the rest of the region. From now on, the inhabitants can transport their agricultural products to large urban centers and have faster access to the Furcy Road in Kenscoff.

LThis infrastructure paves the way for the intensification of various economic activities in Panyol, whose inhabitants took a great deal of enjoyment in witnessing the arrival of a 4x4 vehicle in their village for the first time.

Traders travel less than 15 km per day
This important entry route also created an opening on the world for this long-isolated community, which can now aspire to new opportunities in relation to the huge potential of the region, especially in the agricultural domain (fruit and vegetables). By providing Panyol with greater accessibility, this farm track gives new hope to the community's children, who can now look forward to a better future.