Support to the farmers


In the context of its mission to support vulnerable communities in their quest for improved well-being, the Dr Louis G. Lamothe Foundation assists the farmers of Panyol (Kenscoff) and Anse du Clerc (Abricots) in the production and transport of their goods.

In the context of the strengthening of the Panyol agricultural activities, the Dr Louis G. Lamothe Foundation organized, on 21 March of this year, in its headquarters in Pétion-Ville, a work session with the representatives of three (3) Panyol farmers' associations, with a view to encouraging the latter to structure themselves better and to make use of more efficient methods to connect with the local supermarkets, restaurants and hotels. This meeting had been organized in order to systematize the transport of garden products to the local providers.

Since, Giant Super Market and Jojo Restaurant, two businesses that promote local agricultural products, have formed a partnership with more than 200 Panyol farmers to help them sell their products.

Potato cutting
On 5 December 2016, leek seeds had been distributed to 120 farmers, as a form of support during Panyol's winter agricultural season. On Thursday 9 March 2017, the Dr Louis G. Lamothe Foundation also distributed farming tools to five hundred (500) families living in Panyol, Kenscoff.

On 8 December 2016, the LGLF distributed tools and seeds to farmers in Anse du Clerc. On that day, 50 000 "Ti Savyen" potato cuttings, as well as callaloo and spinach seeds and farming tools, were distributed to more than two hundred (200) farmers.