FLGL was founded in January of 2016 by the former Prime Minister, Laurent Salvador Lamothe and his brother, Ruben Lamothe, as a tribute to their late father. Dr. Lamothe’s work and influence has permeated the education of many Haitians that now make an impact across the globe. This foundation pales in comparison to his vision of what Haiti should be, so it was and is in the effort of reaching the transformation that this foundation was born.

The Foundation is well aware of the necessity to take up important challenges in order to allow disadvantaged communities to improve their lot, and focus on villages, Panyol and Anse du Clerc and their surrounding communities, to carry out its activities. Sustainable projects were implemented to bring about positive changes in the lives of these forgotten members of society and to offer them new opportunities.

Through systematically conducted social dialogs, FLGL continues to involve the members of these areas in the choice and implementation of the projects that will benefit them. FLGL's first concern is to assist these villages in formulating their own needs and in cooperatively defining the outline of the necessary responses.