The Dr Louis G. Lamothe Foundation's various interventions in the field were carried out with education as a backdrop. Indeed, the LGLF remains convinced that the transformation of precarious communities into smart villages depends on the compulsory strengthening of education, education being the foundation on which all emancipated and progressive societies must be built.

The FLGL and its partners
The LGLF thus took measures to promote an intelligent education in Panyol, including the building of a reflection platform through a strong partnership with other institutions like the RAPINO Foundation, RETEL, the Baldwin School of Puerto Rico and the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP).

The twinning of the Baldwin School of Puerto Rico and Panyol's Classical Training Center allows the children of the latter locality to enjoy a more adequate education that meets the requirements defines by the relevant authorities. On 19 September 2016, thanks to the generosity of the Baldwin School of Puerto Rico and of the Maison Henri Deschamps, 120 school kits and as many uniforms were distributed to the students of Panyol's Classical Training Center, from preschool level to the sixth fundamental year.

Our children from Panyol
Besides, thanks to the contribution of its partners, the Dr Louis G. Lamothe Foundation completed the reconstruction of Panyol's Classical Training Center (161 learners), in which the children can now thrive.
In Anse du Clerc (Abricots), in the Grand'Anse district, the Foundation is also helping the local children deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which struck last year

Indeed, it is planning to rebuild national schools in Anse du Clerc (350 learners) and Ramon (135 learners), to allow the schoolchildren to be taught in the best possible conditions, in cooperation with the Happy Hearts Fund, lthe Carlos Slim Foundation and the Digicel Foundation.