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Webinar with The Amadeus Institute : Interview with Director Fabienne Goutier

juin 2, 2020

As part of the Webinars that we organized in conjunction with the Amadeus Institute of Morocco, we were interviewed by the online media Haiti 24.


Haiti 24 : Mrs. Goutier, the Haiti 24 team is pleased to interview you today. As you leave, who is Fabienne Goutier ?

Fabienne Goutier : I am very happy with this courtesy. By the way, I am Fabienne Goutier, nurse and homeopath. I have more than 15 years of experience in the health field and it is an activity that I carry out with love and passion. I like to be in contact with people who are really in need.

H24 : Tell us briefly about the Dr. Louis G Lamothe Foundation.

FG : The Dr. Louis G Lamothe Foundation was established in Haiti 5 years ago and is an institution that emanates from the vision of the late Doctor of Spanish Literature Louis G Lamothe, founder of the Lope de Vega Institute in Port-au-Prince and former experienced Professor of Modern Languages at the National Institute of Administration, Management and International Studies (INAGHEI). As a tribute to the sacrifices he made throughout his life to see an emancipated Haitian youth emerge, his sons Ruben Lamothe and Laurent Salvador Lamothe, along with other family friends, founded this Foundation to pursue Dr. Lamothe’s vision.

H24 : What are the main achievements of the FLGL ?

FG : We have operations mainly in Panyol in the Commune of Kenscoff and in Anse-du-Clair in the Department of Grand’Anse. For the past 4 years, the Foundation has been providing support in the areas of education, health, infrastructure and agriculture in its target areas. We have built schools, we carry out annual distributions of school materials, we regularly conduct mobile clinics, we have already distributed several hundred tons of seeds and fertilizers to farmers. Among other things, we are also working to raise the awareness of these communities about the importance of the environment and very soon we will move into the field of sports, because this was also part of Dr. Louis G Lamothe’s wishes.

H24 : What is FLGL’s strategy towards COVID-19 ?

FG : Within the Foundation, we have noted a serious communication deficit between the authorities and the population. As it is part of our mission as a humanitarian organization to provide our support especially where the State does not succeed and the threat of COVID-19 is everyone’s business, we are actively participating in the awareness campaign against COVID-19 and in the distribution of hygiene kits to the most vulnerable.

In the meantime, we have also noted that other countries of the South like us in Haiti are already presenting solutions that could benefit us. We therefore believe that coming together to help each other is undoubtedly a rational alternative. Thus, we are about to develop partnerships with other State and non-governmental organizations in Haiti and in other countries of the South in order to move towards a concerted way out of the crisis. It is in this perspective that we have initiated a series of webinars with the Amadeus Institute of Morocco around the central theme: « The South and VIDOC-19: From Crisis Management to the Essential Disruption ».

H24 : What is the fundamental objective of these Webinars that you launched together with the Amadeus Institute of Morocco ?

FG : 3 webinars have been carried out. The 1st Webinar held on April 30th had as its theme: « Health crisis, what order in chaos? ». The 2nd was held on May 5th with the theme: « Contours of a unified response from the countries of the South », and the 3rd on May 12th with the theme: « Innovation for a rapid and sustainable economic recovery ».

This initiative was launched to sensitize actors from countries of the South to get closer and to reflect together on alternatives not only to counter the health crisis of COVID-19, but also to anticipate the economic consequences of the pandemic and make projections on the post-COVID-19. This is the goal of this collaboration that we are currently maintaining between Haiti and Morocco through the Dr. Louis G. Lamothe Foundation and the Amadeus Institute.

H24 : What are your impressions of the success and future of this initiative ?

FG : First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the contributions we have received from the panellists and our partners. We thank all the supporters who have made this initiative a total success. Special thanks to the media who supported us (Télé Ginen, Tripotay Lakay, Vant Bèf Info), especially Haiti 24. Many thanks to all of you for all the energy you have brought to these discussions and for all the work you will continue to do with us to counteract this deep crisis in which humanity is plunging.

At the Dr Louis G Lamothe Foundation and the Amadeus Institute of Morocco, we are fully satisfied with the progress of the 3 Webinars and I think the best is yet to come. Leaders, former leaders, leaders and entrepreneurs from nearly 12 countries participated; more than 50 thousand people were reached through social networks. Clear ideas have emerged and some of the proposals on display are already under discussion to assess the possibilities of implementation. By the way, this initiative is a step in a very long process, but overall we are very satisfied.

H24 : Given the despair and confusion among the Haitian people, what would be the message of the FLGL on this occasion ?

FG : I know that everyone may be worried about a loved one or friends who are affected or likely to be affected by COVID-19; I also know that you are worried about what the future will be; in fact we are all worried! It is a frightening thought indeed, but planning for and dealing with crises is one of the reasons for the existence of this Foundation. Each one of you is a force and working together is the only way out of the chaotic situation that COVID-19 wants to plunge us into. In the face of the bad omens hanging over our country, we have a lot of work to do and the collaboration of all of you is vital for our Haiti. We are open to all suggestions and proposals.

Among other things, we encourage the population to continue to respect precautionary and protective measures in order to slow the spread of this pandemic.

H24 : Thank you Mrs. Goutier. The Haiti 24 team was thrilled to hear from you.

FG : Thank you to the Haiti 24 team. The pleasure is shared to have had this exchange with you. See you soon!


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