Please help us make a difference: Make a donation now to save lives in Haiti, in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, and under the threat of an imminent cholera epidemic, an urgent appeal has been issued to secure the drinking water supply.

In cooperation with the Dr. Louis G. Lamothe Foundation, 3 to 5 Days calls on you for help, to save lives in Haiti. The water filtration system will be distributed in four of the most severely hit zones, namely: Port-à-Piment, Nan Panyol, Macaya and Jérémie.

Please donate now to finance the acquisition of water filtration system. One filter can supply up to 100 persons with drinking water.

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3 to 5 Days provides emergency solutions to secure the water supply. These solutions are now more needed than ever. This non-profit organization provides sustainable solutions for the supply of drinking water in affected areas.

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