The Dr. Louis G. Lamothe Foundation had made it its mission to fight against poverty and social exclusion. Since its creation, it has promoted public consultation within the precarious community networks, in order to pave the way for social transformation in Haiti.

Created on 15 January 2016 by the former Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe as a tribute to his late father, Dr. Louis G. Lamothe, the LGLF helps precarious communities to escape poverty by creating improved living spaces to support their well-being.

From 5 February 2016, the LGLF has initiated a series social dialogs with the Panyol community, with a view to turning this village, which belongs to Kenscoff's third communal section, into a "smart village".

The Foundation also committed to supporting the Anse du Clerc community, in the Abricots communal section, which had been severely affected by Hurricane Matthew last October. The LGLF has indeed taken steps to help Anse du Clerc recover and to allow the population to resume a normal life, in improved conditions.