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Distribution of gifts for Mothers’ Day

May 27, 2017

On Saturday 27 May 2017, the day before Mothers' Day, the LGLF gave love a new meaning by distributing gifts to more than fifty moms. These moms, who all have inspiring, typical profiles, were selected according to their proverbial role as pillars of community life, always keeping solidarity alive.

Gifts symbolizing what each category of moms represents in terms of service to the community were distributed to 55 Panyol moms: elderly moms, childminders of the last six months, moms who volunteered to transport the materials for the ongoing reconstruction of Panyol's Centre de Formation Classique (Classic Training Center). The moms who were unable to be present received their gifts at home. All of them were, in their own words, delighted.

The LGLF is convinced that, through small gestures, mothers maintain the basis of love on Earth. The LGLF notes that, by telling stories, mothers foster a culture of sharing that is essential to the well-being of our societies. The LGLF has also observed that, in the face of the urgent need to transform the Earth in a united sphere, mothers keep on requesting, from our societies' decision-makers, a courageous statement arguing that solidarity is not a utopian dream.

The LGLF thanks Dlo Alaska, Giant Super Market and Wicky for their generous contribution to this expression of love dedicated to mothers.

The LGLF wishes all moms a happy Mothers' Day.


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